HOTEL GELATO: Midtown’s Best Kept Secret Brunch Place

Whoever invented “Brunch” is an absolute genius! I only wish restaurants served breakfast food 24/7 and I’m not talking about greasy spoon diners either. Hotel Gelato is a small quaint cafe that is probably still a well-kept secret among locals in the area. From all the times I’ve been here (and they were always weekends), I’ve never had to wait a single minute to get a table. Whereas if you tried to get any brunch food in Leslieville, you would’ve stood outside their doors for an hour minimum and the food may not have been worth the wait and elbow to elbow seating arrangement. Give Hotel Gelato a try and you won’t be sorry! Must have teaser: LEMON RICOTTA PANCAKES!

THE FOOD (Score: 89%):

Basket of Mini Almond, Chocolate and Apricot Croissant ($5)

To start, order a basket of these croissant trios. They’re miniature rolls of freshly baked goodness with a lovely flakiness with each bite. All three of them were delicious, but the almond croissant is probably still my favourite.

Smoked Salmon Benedict: Two Poached Eggs, Applewood Smoked Salmon, Dill Hollandaise, served on Potato Cakes ($12)

You can’t go wrong with smoked salmon and dill. Period.

Asparagus Benedict: Two Poached Eggs, Grilled Asparagus, Herbed Tomato Concassée, Hollandaise, served on Potato Cakes ($11)

Compared to the Smoked Salmon Benedict, I liked this one a tad bit more because it was lighter and not typically seen on any other brunch menu. The flavours all came together perfectly.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes: Raspberry Compote, Quebec Maple Syrup ($11)

THE MAIN EVENT!!! These pancakes are the primary reason why my gals and I keep coming back here. It’s consistently mouth watering – a stack of soft fluffy pancakes with the fresh aroma of lemony goodness, and a beautiful raspberry compote to complement the sweet dish with a bit of tang and pow.

THE AMBIENCE (Score: 75%):

This cafe has a very relaxed environment with simple chic decor and is family friendly. I could go without the transparent plastic chairs though, but the booth seating is comfy and attractive. The small eatery becomes illuminated with natural light that reminds you just how beautiful the day is.

THE SERVICE (Score: 75%):

Attentive and friendly servers – nothing out of the ordinary really.


Hotel Gelato is always a good idea! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every dish I’ve had here. Despite the name of this place, oddly enough, I’ve never tried their gelato, but I’m sure you can’t go wrong with anything in this eatery. I’d always end off my meal with lemon ricotta pancakes and of course, a mighty satisfied appetite.


Hotel Gelato
Dress Code: Casual
Our Tab: ~$20/person
Address: 532 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, ON M5N 1B4 (west of Avenue Rd)
Phone: 416-932-2663

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