If your travels include Florence then you absolutely must make a pit stop in Pisa and Lucca for a day. Going from Florence to Pisa is only a 1 hour train ride away, with Lucca being an additional 30 minutes.

Leaning Tower of Pisa: Namaste – get ready to perfect your yoga pose like the endless string of tourists double high-fiving the air in warrior stance. Try getting creative with your poses if possible, but it’s no easy feat. Don’t forget to buy your tickets to climb the Leaning Tower as well (~300 spiral steps). Only a limited number of visitors are allowed up at a time and in 30-minute intervals, so try to book your tickets in advance.

Passeggiata Della Mura Park in Lucca: The best thing to do in Lucca is to rent a bike for an hour or so and tour along the fortress walls of this secluded city. It makes for a peaceful, relaxing ride – quite a different pace from the rest of this trip. If you still have time leftover, get lost along Lucca’s quiet and quaint roads.

Take the train back to Florence and enjoy Day 8 and 9. On Day 10, travel from Florence to Pompeii and Sorrento. We initially headed to Naples for one day, but we didn’t enjoy it much there and would recommend going straight to Pompeii and Sorrento from Florence instead. Sorrento is a much nicer base to check out Capri Island and the Amalfi Coast in comparison to Naples.

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