Become an archaeologist for a day and explore the ruins of Pompeii – a city destroyed and buried from the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79.

From Florence, take the train to Naples. Then from Naples, take the local train “Circumvesuviana” in the direction towards Sorrento; “Pompeii Villa die Misteri” is the stop you want to get off at for the historical site.

Note: it’s difficult to carry a lot of luggage on this train and there’s no luggage storage either. So it’s recommended that you drop your stuff off at the Sorrento hotel first before going to Pompeii. If you’re with a larger party, you can opt to take a taxi cab from Naples to Sorrento for 100 Euros total, which will save the hassle in lugging your stuff around.

Pompeii Historical Site: Make sure to grab a map when you tour this large area of volcanic ruins. You may want to opt for a tour guide to make sense of everything you’re looking at. You’ll have to use your imagination at this place haha. There’s something so peaceful and serene about this site.

Head to Sorrento for your overnight stay in the next few days to come. Day 11, we go to the glitzy glamorous Capri Island!

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